Welcome to my website.
As you might already know me, I’m a versatile young lad from France. I spend a lot of time online, and this is my “official” site, focused on my music mostly. I also occasionally vlog, blog, draw and make designs/websites. If you have any questions feel free to contact me! I don’t bite.
I’m pretty active over the Internet, here are the places you have the most chances to catch me:

  • Follow the Musicians
  • Youtube Shane Foxx
  • Youtube PoLLuXion
  • Soundcloud MP3s
  • Bandcamp music
  • CD & Drawings Store
  • Every other website/account is most likely a fake.
    Shane Foxx
    After 3 years of investment, and 3 months of intensive work with my friend Theou Mounoukou, I finally recorded my EP and I released it this September 26th. Because it’s my birthday of course. It’s a very personal product and I hesitated a lot about making it public or not, but it had to be shared. This EP is symbolically a way to close one chapter of my life and to start another one.
    Hope you’ll like it. Go to the music page for more information. =]