Reviews of 3 random movies

Posted by Shane Foxx on July 27th, 2010

Not a lot of you know that once upon a time I was a big fan of indie movies, I could watch a lot of dramas especially. My favorite director was Gus Van Sant. With Youtube I stopped watching movies, and I regret it somehow. So tonight I decided to spend some time in front of the screen to look at oldies I had in my hard-drive.

A father for Charlie [1995].

One of my penpals talked to me about this movie one day and I downloaded it without knowing what it was all about, but Joseph Mazzelo has always been an actor I liked and he told me he played in. I’m probably too lazy and not used anymore to write movie reviews so I’ll give my simple and honest opinion. It was a sweet drama like America is used to produce, with all the stereotypes/clich├ęs and of course the happy ending. One black man living in a small town, around 1930 is a victim of the times. His farm is not going well, he doesn’t have money to pay the bank and because he is black he only has enemies.. but one day he takes care of the neighbourhood kid left alone by his bad father, and they become friends. Blablabla, things are what they are, the bad people in the town [who did pretty bad things to the 'negro' and I won't tell in case you want to watch it] finally leave him alone, and everyone is happy. Drama is my favorite kind of movies. I admit I was almost crying too at some moments, knowing that black people there were having really tough times in the past, and injustice always made me mad. It is a nice movie, not an excellent one, and quite predictable, but not bad at all. And what was my surprise to see at the end that the little girl was played by Evan Rachel Wood! I always had a crush on her! I would recommend it, because it’s a nice ‘family’ movie to watch with your loved ones while eating pizza. =]

The graduate [1967].

I was about to cover the song ‘Mrs Robinson‘ for Youtube, but someone told me that it would not make sense at all for me to sing it if I haven’t seen the movie it is all about. So I became very curious of the story and reading that Simon & Garfunkel did the soundtrack made me super duper happy [I love them!]. I quite like this movie from the beginning, mostly because Dustin Hoffman who just graduated is still quite lost about his future, and upset by people suggesting him to do things he doesn’t want. He just wants to be different, and that’s a feeling I know quite well. He unsuspectly meets Mrs Robinson, and she completely hypnotize him straigh away, she plays with him like a puppet, I loved that! I’m quite sure we’d all want to get this power over people! All the beginning of this film is quite a joke, so hilarious, the situations and how nervous and unexperienced that boy is. I found it extremely cute. What they were doing was wrong. Throughout this movie, I had so much empathy for this guy. It could have been me. It is already me in so many ways, I have so much things in common with him. I absolutely recommend this movie if you haven’t seen it. And now I can cover it, the song makes perfect sense to me and I like it even more.

Love hurts [2009].

Let’s be completely honest, when I started watching it, the first minutes bored me as hell, I had the feeling I wouldn’t like this movie at all. I searched online for the plot, even saw that it won an award of the best film from a festival, and I thought “it’s not because it won the best film award that it’s a good movie, it just means that the others were worse“, but I kept watching. Afterall, I have seen many romantic comedies, it couldn’t be so different. Of course it’s not my type of films. But I don’t know really what happened, if I was in the right mood [I remember I was pissed of about something my ex said this day] but I felt a little bit lonely. I wish I could believe in LOVE, but I don’t. So the story is simple, husband and wife who married long time ago let the things get into routine, and they forgot the reasons why they were together. The wife leaves him, and he gets devastated, and with the help of their teenage son [who is very popular with girls] he learns how to seduce again. They both have adventures, but of course, marriage is stronger and can’t be forgotten… So he tries to seduce her again, and that’s not gonna be easy… During the same time their son falls in love for the first time with a girl, and after being used to be popular, he has to learn how to seduce a special someone… What happens next is predictable. Or not. I finally liked it a lot. Not as funny as “Love actually”, but not bad at all, and it’s a cool movie to watch. I also have to admit that the actor for the son, and even actress for the ballerina girl were hot!

Hello world!

Posted by Shane Foxx on June 23rd, 2010

Here will come my blog with everything I want to talk about, that is :
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and maybe some of my randon stuff, and all! =]