I must specify that this EP contains explicit lyrics that are not suitable for listeners under the age of 15. Especially the song “Daddy’s love“. However, kids can listen to some other songs : “Hazel song“, “Stay away from boredom” and “The sun is scary” mostly.

You can now buy a physical copy of my EP by following this link :

The Last Memories of my Youth

1. Hazel song
2. Stay away from boredom
3. The sun is scary
4. Journey of ordinary life
5. Mark Stain
6. Tiny things
7. Daddy’s love
8. Sweet sixteen

For a digital download, and the lyrics, you can go to bandcamp.
<a href="">TLMOMY by Shane Foxx</a>

Some more information concerning my EP
- Ukuleles : Harley Benton UK11 (soprano), Flea (soprano), Rhythm Band (barytone)
- Others : Melodica (Student 32 by Hohner), Glockenspiel, Banjo (Harmony), Shoebox with drums brushes, Guitar 3/4 (Baby Taylor), Guitar (Sigma)

- Microphone (T-Bone SC300)
- Laptop (Acer Aspire 1640)
- External soundcard (M-Audio Mobilepre USB)

- Operating system : Linux (Ubuntu 9.10)
- Audio : Audacity 1.3.9, Ardour 2.8.2

Theou wanted to thank his family, Prunelle, Kryyss, and me (Shane) for my full trust in him (musically + personally) about this project and for all the good times we had together.

As for me, I want to thank my great friend Theou for being the best musician I know and accepting to help me for this EP! He spent as much if not more hours working on it, therefore it’s important for you to notice that if you can listen to “TLMOMY” it’s thanks to him !!!
I feel accomplished now that it’s done but it wouldn’t have been made without Theou Mounoukou, but also Sleipnir, and all my friends, family and fans for their faith in me.

Shane Foxx