About me

I’m an independant anti-folk singer-songwriter. I didn’t become the musician I am today in one day. Here is my story.

How did I start and why?

Well, first of all, I am not from a musician family. No one around me played any instrument or even sung. My dad occasionally listened to Classic music to relax [Beethoven mostly], but that was very rare. My mom didn’t know much except some famous singers she liked when she was young, but was never listening to music. My brother liked listening to radio featuring some French and American rappers and current R’n'B or hip-hop singers. I grew up without any interest about music at all. There was an old out of tune piano at home, inherited from family, and no one knew how to play, not that it is playable, the sound is horrible, but I remember trying it a lot when I was about 8 years old.
One big event in my “musical” life was to receive a CD player as a gift at 9, and then I listened to a lot of music, just anything I could. And later on I “discovered” kid singers such as Declan Galbraith, Dino Jelusic and Billy Gilman. If they could sing, why not me? And I was a huge fan of Billy especially, I was always singing along his CDs, all the time. I became a fan of country music, and almost everything I could hear, going from pop/rock to opera/choirs.  Being a “shower singer” was good, and I never thought I could learn an instrument and do like my favorite artists…

Shane Foxx

One day in 2007, I met a 12 year old boy who played the ukulele and was singing one of my favorite Johnny Cash song. His name was Zak Laughed. He only had few songs on Myspace. I became friend with him, discovered the music he was listening to [and his knowledge about music was impressive, thanks to his father who collects vinyls]. He introduced me to independant music, that I barely knew before. I stopped listening to commercial music, went to many concerts, met awesome bands such as Coming Soon, they are still a big influence. So during summer 2007 I got myself a cheap ukulele and I taught myself the songs I loved [especially covers of Johnny Cash, Zak Laughed, Coming Soon, Cocoon..]. Zak Laughed started guitar and became good at it. To me, at this time, everything was possible, music was so easy and natural. Within few weeks I wrote few songs, all I didn’t know what to do with them besides of playing with my friends/mates after their gigs. Few months later, I bought a guitar and taught myself how to play by covering Zak Laughed songs, to follow his path.

Shane Foxx